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What's the difference of annealed galvanized and PVC coated rebar steel tie wire?

What's the annealed galvanized and PVC coated rebar steel tie wire

Rebar tie wire, also known as rebar tying wire, is made from the softest low carbon annealed steel wire. With fully galvanized and PVC coating on surface, it offers excellent flexibility and corrosion resistance mainly used for tying and bundling reinforcing steel bar, supporting plants in gardens.

Loop tie wire, as its name implies, is a type of baling wire made from low carbon galvanized steel wire, black annealed wire, stainless steel wire, PVC-coated steel wire. It has been classified into single loop wire (also named cotton bale wire), double loop wire, quick link wire. Such tiny loop wire is mainly applied as binding in daily life.

Rebar tie wire twisted for rebar steel reinforcement



Black annealed rebar tie wire

Two coils black annealed rebar tie wire


Yellow PVC coating rebar tie wire

A coil yellow PVC coated rebar tie wire



  • Excellent flexibility and softness: It has excellent flexibility and softness through the process of drawing, acid-washing and annealing.
  • Anti-corrosion and endurable: With galvanized and PVC coating on surface, such soft annealed rebar tie wire can resist corrosion and not easily broken.
  • High standard and quality: It has perfect properties and makes your work more efficient without hurt.
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