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Best Quality Construction Machine For Tying steel bar Double Loop Tie Wire Machine

Loop tie wire machine is coated with PVC to create a strong, easy-to-use twist wire tie. PVC coating will not crack, chip or scratch off when tying

Cheap price double loop tie wire machine for binding wire


Loop tie wire machine is coated with PVC to create a strong, easy-to-use twist wire tie. PVC coating will not crack, chip or scratch off when tying; meantime this coating provides protection against rust and corrosion. It is widely used for tying and support of plants in gardens or other binding uses, such as tying of sacks and other bagging. This kind of wire is also widely used in securing the position of reinforcing bars during concrete placement.

 Double loop tying rebar wire machine parameters

Voltage 380V/50Hz/3 Phases
Tie wire length 4-12 inch, 4-20 inch, 4-26 inch
Wire diamter 0.8-2.5mm
Output 90 pieces/min
Weight 350kg
Dimension 1270*800*1300mm
Guarantee Two years



Packing of loop tie wire machine



Double loop tying bar wire mesurment