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Portugal Quick link loop bale wire for binding cotton high strength

Portugal Quick link wire is mainly used as packaging wire for cotton, synthetic fibre, wool and other expanding materials. Also used in various baling, bagging, tying and bundling. Materials are mainly Black iron, Galvanized and Annealed wires. Gauge from 8 gauge to 14 gauge. Custom lengths to meet specific bundling uses.Portugal Quick link loop bale wire for binding cotton high strength

Portugal Quick link wire is mainly used as packaging wire for cotton, synthetic fibre, wool and other expanding materials. Also used in various baling, bagging, tying and bundling. Materials are mainly Black iron, Galvanized and Annealed wires. Gauge from 8 gauge to 14 gauge. Custom lengths to meet specific bundling uses.


Processing involved: Galvanizing, annealing, cutting, bending or looping.

Finished Forms: Quick link wire system 

Major Products ( Classified according to wire sizes and packing forms)

Quick Link Looped Wire ( Galvanized Steel Quality)



3.65mm Galvanised Quick Link Wire with Jam lock, Size: 3.65mm, Length 6’ and 22’ or customized


Material: High carbon steel wire

Surface: Galvanized, Hot-dipped

Wire Diameter: 8 Gauge - 15 Gauge, 2.00mm to 4.00mm

Length: 4ft - 20ft (1.2m-6m)

Tensile Strength: 1500 to 1770 N/mm

Package: Each bundle contains 200 pcs, well wrapped & protected

14ga X 14' galvanized bale tie wire with 250 ties per bundle


Quick Link Wire for Cotton Baling System ( Black Steel Quality)


length 3120 mm, in black steel, with quick link systems

Wire Diameter 3.45

length 3190 mm, in black steel, with quick link systems


Quick-link Cotton Baling Wire

Diameter 3.50 mm

Tensile strength: 1500 - 1600 Mpa.

Length of wire: 2300 mm-6500mm.

Annealed Black Wire with Quick lock system ( Soft Annealed Quality)

Quick Lock Black Annealed Wire, Pallet wire, Packaging Tie wires for cottons and recycled textile

Annealed bale ties with quick lock design, for packaging of expanding materials