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Cotton Bale Wire Bending Machine

3.66mm high tension cotton bale tie wire double loop machine, bale tie machine

Here are the specifications of the quick link bale ties making machine,

1. Total automatically straighten, cut and loop.

2.Wire diameter : 2.5mm - 4.5mm 
3.Applying wire tensile strength: 1400-1800Mpa

4. Bale ties length: 1500-2300mm/2000-2600mm/ 
   2500-3400mm/4200mm-5000mm for customers' choice.

5. Making 600-900 pcs/hour 
6.Size of machine: L4.5Mx W1.5M x H0.6M


Our bale ties are all manufactured using high tensile wire. Qucik link reduces your overall installed cost on your baling procedure with it's quick link tying method.

A) Galvanized High Strenght Steel Wire, Tensile Srenght: 1400 - 1700 N/mm2 
B) Double Loops 
C) Wire dia. 2.0mm to 4.0mm 
D) Bale ties lenght 2.1meters to 4.5meters

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