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Supply Czech Republic double loop tying rebar tie wire machine with PLC screen

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Difference between model 4-12 and model 4-20 loop tie wire machine
1. Model 4-12 machine
Model 4-12 loop tie wire machine can make 100-305mm tie wire length, and it only has one main motor, but the speed will be quicker, which is about 85-90 pieces/min. And model 4-12 machine can’t produce PVC steel tie wire. It only makes black annealed steel loop tie wire.


2. Model 4-20 machine
Model 4-20 inch can make the tie wire length from 100-510mm, which is with two motors(one main motor and the other stepper motor). Because the stepper motor can send longer wire and make longer tie wire. And this machine can produce PVC steel wire and black steel wire. The biggest advantage of this model is that it can produce accurate and correct length and quantity. You only insert all data into CNC box, then it will finish all work.